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<h2>Herm Sprenger Dogsitter Combi-Leash Modular Dog Lead System</h2>
<div class=”fragment-text”>The Dogsitter Combi-Leash dog lead consists of eight parts and is characterised through its outstanding workmanship. All components are produced with stainless steel ClicLock fasteners and are therefore easily combined and distinctively durable. To identify the Combi-Leash made by SPRENGER each single element is marked with a little fabric flag which shows the HS-SPRENGER name.</div>
<div class=”fragment-text”>The DOGSITTER Combi-Leash has the following advantages:distinctively durable black Nylon
washable at 30°
all fittings are guaranteed rustproof
ClicLock caters for stability and flexibility
all components with the ClicLock body include a ‘Jacket’ to prevent unintended opening
all elements can be combined with each other
meticulous workmanship
identifiable SPRENGER markingsThe Dogsitter Combi-Leash modular dog lead system is made from durable black 19mm (3/4 inch) wide Nylon combined with stainless steel Sprenger-ClicLock fittings that are guaranteed rust-proof.
A variety of handles are available to combine with an end section for one dog, a control or short length handle for heel work which can be swapped over to a long adjustable lead for distance and recall
Alternatively, the various handle can be combined with one of the coupling connectors for multiple dogs.
The setup is fast and easy, clip and unclip the components with the stainless steel ClicLock and secure the release button with a covering ‘Jacket’ to prevent unintended release.The Dogsitter Combi-Leash consists of eight parts, the full set includes one of each of the following:

Short hand loop handle 35cm
Lead with handle 90cm
Length adjustable long lead 90cm – 180cm
Coupling for 2 connectors 25cm
Coupling for 3 connectors 35cm
Short end connector 20cm
Adjustable end connector 25cm – 50cm



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