Dog Training Gear – Major Dog Australia


Dog Training Gear – Major Dog Australia. 

For all your dog training gear and accessories, look no further than Major Dog Australia.

Major Dog has a great selection to add to your professional or general dog training gear, from Training Vest, Treat Bags to Treat Based Toys and a specially designed retrieval and search training toy.

Whether you are a professional dog trainer or an everyday dog owner, you will find something that will suit your needs and your dogs.

Major Dog toys and products have been designed for dog training needs and activities. These products are also TüV-certified. Major Dog has worked together with trainers and dog owners in order to develop a series of special training toys that support how canines learn during playtime.

Find the perfect Major Dog product from our collection today!

training-vest md treat bags
Training Vest – Designed with a removable fleece interior lining, this vest is ideal for warmer and cooler weather outdoor activities. Plus the vest is loaded with pockets to hold a variety of utensils and also features a separate treat pocket which can be attached to either the left or right side of the vest. Treat Bags – Easy to attach to clothing or a belt and have an elasticized opening to ensure what you put in stays in until you want it.  The clip and belt loop make it suitable for most clothing types, the washable pouch will hold all food types, and the elasticized cover ensures nothing comes out when you don’t want it to.
food-dummy-3 folding-bowl
Food Dummy – A retrieval and search training toy for dogs. You throw or hide, they retrieve and for being so good at giving you the toy, they get a bonus reward, a treat. Foldable dog travel bowl – Perfect for those on the go and/or short on space. Easy to fold and store away, it can be opened into a bowl suitable for food and water for our canines, or even serve as a cutting board.
teeter-totter-2 snack-egg
Teeter Totter – A treat based puzzle toy, this is a playful way to promote mental stimulation and exercise, this toy will have your hound working his hunting and gathering skills in a constructive way that they will find very rewarding. Snack Egg – A treat based puzzle toy, is a fun way to turn dinner into a game or help keep them mentally stimulated and busy while you’re busy. Place your dog’s favourite treats inside this snack toy. When your dog has finished take the toy away.

Remember, no dog product is completely indestructible, these toys are for supervised play only. Major Dog products are designed to last longer and are perfectly designed to meet dog’s needs. Each product has its own unique design, ranging from land-based activities to water based activities. There is a toy for every canine to enjoy.

Treat your canine friends today with a product that not only they will love but you will love too!


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